Sanders attacks Hillary, calls her desperate

Sanders attacks Hillary, calls her desperate

When Bernie Sanders entered the presidential race last spring, he was considered a fringe figure — an unapologetic independent whose “political revolution” would eschew campaign customs and center around his liberal agenda.

Now, with an upset over Hillary Clinton in next Monday’s Iowa caucuses potentially within his grasp, Sanders has emerged as a more combative — and in some ways, more conventionally political — candidate.

Sanders opens his rallies by ticking through the latest polls — an uncharacteristic touch of bravado intended to convince Democrats that he is not only viable in a general election but a stronger standard-bearer against the Republicans than Clinton.

He also is attacking Clinton more directly, not only on policy differences but also on personal character, demonstrating that he has both the stomach and the punch for a political brawl — even one against the Clintons and their defenders.

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