PBS gives 3 minutes to leftist pleading ‘Why the world could use a Muslim jedi’

PBS gives 3 minutes to leftist pleading ‘Why the world could use a Muslim jedi’

Friday night’s PBS NewsHour awarded a Muslim leftist with a typical essay on “diversity” in Hollywood. It carried the title “Why the world could use a Muslim jedi.”

Anchor Hari Sreenivasan explained: What better way to battle discrimination than with pop culture? Or so thought Haroon Moghul, when he asked J.J. Abrams in an open letter to add an Islamic character to Star Wars. Here’s more of his thoughts on why a Jedi named Mohammad could help fight fear with hope.”

The caption on the website also summarized the argument: “How can we relieve anti-Muslim discrimination? Haroon Moghul says that adding a Muslim character to a certain science fiction franchise might go a long way in changing perceptions and offering a vision of a more united future.”

So is Haroon Moghul uniquely poised to preach hope and not hate? His Twitter feed says no. Check out this January 18 tweet mocking Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. on the day Trump spoke at Falwell’s Liberty University:

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