Thaw: Iran upgrades U.S. from ‘Great Satan’ to this

Thaw: Iran upgrades U.S. from ‘Great Satan’ to this
Peace missiles

[Ed. – Breitbart calls this a “downgrade,” but surely it’s a sign that our star is rising with the Islamic Revolutionary state?]

Last year’s historic deal between Tehran and the world powers has apparently left a mark on Iran’s political jargon, as evidenced by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s choice this week to refer to the United States as “the Great False Idol” instead of the traditional “Great Satan.”

Washington’s allies in the West are now known as “the secondary false idols,” Khamenei said in a meeting with the members of the election committee as Iran gears up to general elections next month. He didn’t say whether Israel will keep its title “Little Satan.” …

The “Great False Idol” is…meant to warn the Iranian people against cooperating with the United States, because idolatry is a grave transgression in Islam.

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