Has NR violated its 501(c)(3) status by publishing ‘Against Trump’ manifesto?

Has NR violated its 501(c)(3) status by publishing ‘Against Trump’ manifesto?
Rich Lowry, Editor in Chief of National Review. (Image via NBC)

[Ed. – Not an academic question.  But it does get back to the foolishness of income tax, and the power it gives government to limit what people can say.  The original sin here is income tax.  If we didn’t have it, we’d need no rules for getting exemptions from it.  Never forget that.]

Newspapers and magazines run negative articles on candidates all the time.  The National Review, however, raised some eyebrows with its most recent edition almost exclusively dedicated to attacking Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

Under increasing financial pressure, the current editor, Rich Lowry recently opted to re-organize National Review as a 501(c)(3).  … As everyone knows, one of the rules of being tax-exempt is that you must forfeit your right to participate in politics, because political donations do not merit a tax exemption. …

National Review’s recent Trump hit piece raises serious questions about the future legitimacy of their 501(c)(3).

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