Mikulski again: Baltimore violence due to dreaded ‘gun show loophole’

Mikulski again: Baltimore violence due to dreaded ‘gun show loophole’
Doesn't want no stinking loopholes. (Image: ABC News)

[Ed. – ‘Cause you know how all those violent felons like to buy their guns at gun shows.  Mikulski’s on a roll.  Fortunately, she’s also on her way out.]

Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)  suggested on Wednesday that Baltimore’s surging gun violence is at least partially due to the “gun show loophole.”

According to Mail Online, while speaking at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing in support of Obama’s executive gun controls, Mikulski “noted the violence that has socked her hometown of Baltimore,” saying, “Sadly, deadly gun violence has become all too familiar in Maryland and across our nation. No one should be afraid to attend a religious service, go to school, visit a shopping mall or see a movie in a theater.”

She asserted that this violence is a reflection of Congress’ refusal to pass gun control–including its refusal to “close the gun show loophole” and “improve background checks for gun purchasers.”

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