Hmm: Did filmmakers cut scenes unflattering to Hillary in ‘Weiner’/Abedin documentary?

Hmm: Did filmmakers cut scenes unflattering to Hillary in ‘Weiner’/Abedin documentary?
(Image: Reuters via WaPo)

[Ed. – Sure sounds like it.]

Distributors who saw the film before Sundance Selects and Showtime partnered to acquire it say the footage is explosive and potentially damaging to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (Abedin is Clinton’s closest adviser and a fixture on the campaign trail). Multiple parties who viewed early cuts of the documentary say Clinton’s team is seen trying to pressure Abedin to immediately cut ties with Weiner, fearing the scandal will hurt the secretary of state’s bid for the White House. (Abedin, who has become something of an obsession for the far right, remains married to Weiner and has a son with him.) The footage is said to offer the kind of rare window into the cutthroat machinations of a presidential campaign that is typically reserved for such fictitious shows as House of Cards.

But Kriegman, who served as Weiner’s chief of staff for years before becoming a filmmaker, denies that Clinton’s team appears in the documentary, raising the question of whether it has been edited to expunge any fodder for the Republican Party.

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