America 2016: Burn it all down!

America 2016: Burn it all down!

As many conservatives grapple with the growing prospect of a Donald Trump presidential nomination, I’ve started to hear them asking one another the once-unthinkable: “Would you vote for Trump?” Mostly, the answer is “of course not.” He’s a fascistic clown. He’s a clandestine liberal (not really that cagey about it, to be honest) who’d be a disaster for the country, not to mention destroy the Republican Party for generations, perhaps forever.

Which is exactly the point, right?

The Washington Post’s Michael Gerson writes that Trump (and, as is the wont of many Republican moderates, he tries to tie Ted Cruzto Trump) is “proposing a massive ideological and moral revision of the Republican Party.” He might have added: Like the one Democrats have already gone through.

Since there’s so much concern-trolling and hang-wringing about the future of the Right, it should not escape our attention that Republicans aren’t the only ones dealing with the corrosive effects of populist anger and a cult of personality.

Yes, Trump is going to be a spectacular disaster — maybe even worse than most — but why would anyone believe the contrived progressivism and incompetence of Hillary Clinton or (the incredibly expensive) radicalism of Bernie Sanders would be any less of a catastrophe?

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