California panhandler arrested with $1,800 in his pockets

California panhandler arrested with $1,800 in his pockets

Police in Frresno got a surprise when they arrested a well-known local panhandler and found $1,800 in his pockets.

Officers arrested Kevin Joy, 43, after seeing him panhandling in a road’s center median. In a 20-minute span, he approached between 10 and 15 cars, police said.

According to the Fresno Police Department, Joy violated a municipal code that bars people from standing on the city’s medians without a permit.

“During his arrest he was found to have over $1,800 in his possession,” said FPD Sgt. Todd Miller in a news release.

Authorities did not say where the money came from. A photo released by FPD showed the cash laid out in haphazard stacks, mostly made up of $20 bills.

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