Baghdad: 3 Americans taken hostage by Iran-backed Shia militias

Baghdad: 3 Americans taken hostage by Iran-backed Shia militias
Iran-backed, Iraqi Shia "Hezbollah" Brigade in May 2015. (Image via Federalist)

[Ed. – Funny how this outbreak of Iranian activity has coincided with the Great Thaw accompanying our ending of nuke sanctions on Iran.  A logical person would think it might have been the other way around.  Us being in Iran’s good graces again now, and all.]

Iraqi security forces believe that the three Americans recently kidnapped in Baghdad were taken by Iran-backed Shiite militias.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Iraqi police were engaged in a search effort Monday for the Americans, flying helicopters over the southern Dora neighborhood of the Iraqi capital where authorities say the Americans were abducted. Police had also set up checkpoints in the area. …

American officials have not offered details on the Americans nor on the circumstances surrounding their disappearance. According to Iraqi officials, the three individuals were kidnapped in the Dora neighborhood, which is controlled by Shiite militias, including some backed by Iran that the U.S. government designates as terrorist groups.

The abductors were reportedly wearing military uniforms when they took the three Americans.

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