Q: Is there such a thing as a safe gun? A: No

Q: Is there such a thing as a safe gun? A: No
Credit: AP

There’s that old line, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” How absurd is that? Of course guns kill people. Killing is what guns do. And they do it really, really well.

Plenty of people, however, are skilled at keeping guns around, and using them, without killing anyone. But that doesn’t mean the guns themselves are safe. Gun-safety technology has barely improved over the decades, even as many firearms have become more powerful.

“Handgun designs have been the same for the last 100 years,” said Timmy Oh, the co-founder of Dual:Lock, a startup that’s making a fingerprint-authentication system for firearms. “So in that sense, there hasn’t been much safety technology integrated, and everything is still very mechanical. In terms of the design of firearms itself, it’s something that has been designed to be a weapon.”

Oh is one of many entrepreneurs working on improving gun safety at a time when officials are increasingly calling for technological progress in this realm.

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