In brave new world of ‘affirmative consent,’ documenting ‘consent’ will now be against the rules

In brave new world of ‘affirmative consent,’ documenting ‘consent’ will now be against the rules

[Ed. – Hey, guys and gals.  You DO always pay for sex, one way or another.  Get over it.  Decide what price you’re willing to pay, and stop being a big baby.  While you’re at it, learn wisdom: the only “price” that makes sense is a lifelong commitment to someone you can trust and respect.]

Of course the new policy is coming out of California, which led the way in inserting campus bureaucrats into the bedroom with its “affirmative consent” policies. These policies mandate how students must engage in sexual activity – not as a passionate act but as a contractual question-and-answer session. The only way to prove one followed such a policy is to videotape the encounter, but now, California colleges are making such recordings a violation of school policy.

Due process advocates knew that one day a student would try to record an encounter to retain evidence that he obtained sober consent. We also knew that if an accuser claimed she was too drunk to consent to sex, someone would make the argument that she must have also been too drunk to consent to a recording. And that’s where the new policy comes in.

In a Q&A with the University of California’s daily newspaper, the Daily Bruin, Title IX officer Kathleen Salvaty said students could be expelled for recording sexual encounters without consent.

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