Dem plan to hide debates for Hillary is backfiring

Dem plan to hide debates for Hillary is backfiring

On Sunday night, in the middle of this three-day weekend and shortly after the Steelers-Broncos playoff game, the three remaining Democratic candidates for president will hold another debate.

If you ask the progressive supporters of Bernie Sanders, there is a sinister reason behind the decision by Democratic Party officials to hold relatively few debates and to schedule them in out-of-the-way time slots when few Americans are likely to watch. It all seems designed to help Hillary Clinton win the nomination without too much trouble.

After all, conventional wisdom holds that underdog candidates have more to gain from debating their favored opponents, and that candidates favored to win have little incentive to give underdogs a chance by debating them.

But that wisdom is being turned on its head right now in the Democratic primary. Trusted pollsters now show Sanders within close striking distance of Clinton in Iowa. The revered Des Moines Register poll has him within two points, hinting at yet another Clinton underperformance in the Hawkeye State. In New Hampshire, Sanders has been stronger all along and now appears to be in the lead.

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