Pelosi says she could see Iran from Bahrain — 150 miles away

Pelosi says she could see Iran from Bahrain — 150 miles away

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi found herself walking in Sarah Palin’s shoes* on Wednesday.

While discussing the 10 U.S. soldiers captured by Iran, the California congresswoman told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that she had “been to Bahrain and looked right across the Persian Gulf to Iran. Everything is very close there,” which is just not true.

The distance spanning the Persian Gulf at its narrowest point — the strait of Hormuz — is 53 miles.

Additionally, the distance from Bahrain to Dayyer, Iran is actually 150 miles.

According to science, the horizon is 2.9 miles away from a person standing on the ground. For someone standing 100 feet in the air, the horizon appears at a distance of 12.2 miles.

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