ISIS publicly flogs 90 shopkeepers in Mosul for this ‘unforgivable crime’

ISIS publicly flogs 90 shopkeepers in Mosul for this ‘unforgivable crime’

[Ed. – They used U.S. dollars in transactions with customers.]

The extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) on Tuesday flogged dozens of shopkeepers in Mosul city for refusing to deal with Iraqi Dinar, local sources reported.

The militants whipped 90 owners of shops and their workers in the al-Toub district in central Mosul.

“Each shop owner and seller were flogged 50 times in front of hundreds of people on Tuesday,” a local media activist told ARA News, speaking on condition of anonymity.

After the rates of the Iraqi Dinar dramatically declined, most of the shopkeepers in Mosul started dealing with the US dollar, which has angered ISIS.

The radical group had imposed a ban on dealing with foreign currencies in territories under its control across Syria and Iraq.

“The group threatened the people of Mosul to be severely punished in case of dealing with US dollar or any other foreign currency. People are forced to deal with the local Dinar despite its deteriorating rates,” the source reported.

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