Obama delivers the most boring speech of his presidency

Obama delivers the most boring speech of his presidency

Look, if Barack Obama didn’t consider Barack Obama’s presidency a success, who would? Of course his last State of the Union was filled with happy talk about the current condition of the United States and its limitless future. He has a year left to convince America and his posterity that his tenure has not been a failure.

He’s got his work cut out for him. According to Gallup, a mere 23 percent of the American people are satisfied with the direction of the United States. But since it’s unlikely the president is going to get any part of his domestic agenda through Congress — and since he really doesn’t want to do much of anything abroad — he might as well take a shot at it.

But not that shot.

In what was arguably the most boring major speech of his presidency, Obama didn’t even attempt to make a consistent argument or prove the case he was making for his presidency and the glorious moment to which he has brought this country.

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