Clinton says she’s not nervous. She should be.

Clinton says she’s not nervous. She should be.

“Today” show host Savannah Guthrie asked Hillary Clinton a very simple question Wednesday morning: Are you getting worried about Bernie Sanders?

“No, I’m not nervous at all,” Clinton responded. “I’m working hard, and I intend to keep working as hard as I can until the last vote or caucus-goer expresses an opinion. I’m excited about where we are.”

That’s the wrong answer.

Clinton should ABSOLUTELY be nervous about the state of the race with less than three weeks before voters in Iowa head to caucuses. There are warning signs almost everywhere she looks that suggest that the Vermont socialist is gaining momentum at exactly the worst moment for Clinton’s chances at winning the nomination.

The new New York Times/CBS News national poll shows Clinton as a significantly diminished front-runner and Sanders as the surging insurgent. The 20-point lead she held a month ago has now been snipped down to single digits by Sanders.

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