Number of times Hillary Clinton is mentioned in new Benghazi movie ‘13 Hours’: zero

Number of times Hillary Clinton is mentioned in new Benghazi movie ‘13 Hours’: zero

The last thing Democratic front-running presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton needs is more bad publicity regarding her numerous past scandals. But, as Hollywood would have it, the Benghazi movie titled “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” is headed to theaters this week, according to Politico on Monday. Motion picture director Michael Bay of “Transformers” films, via Paramount Pictures, is the political talk of the movie theaters. The movie allegedly blasts Clinton as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state who left the Americans in Benghazi behind when they most needed help.

New York Post’s movie writer Reed Tucker basically says that the movie sympathizes with Hillary Clinton’s most ardent critics by taking their beliefs and severe concerns into account regarding the Benghazi scandal initiated by the Benghazi attack of 2011 that left Americans dead under Obama and Clinton’s watch. In the movie, an American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a United States compound in Libya. Sound familiar? The killing takes place as a security team attempts to comprehend the turmoil taking place. Despite the direct links to the Clinton scandal surrounding Benghazi, the Daily Caller says that Hillary Clinton is never mentioned in the motion picture that is most assuredly about Clinton’s Benghazi affair. The movie definitely centers on the Sept. 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith. In spite of the direct references to that political bombshell, Clinton is not portrayed whatsoever in the film – and she is never mentioned. This glaring omission may be a disappointment so many while being quite telling to others. The New York Times says that the movie wants to focus on the event as opposed to the politics behind the tragedy.

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