At last: In SOTU, Obama to tell us ‘who he’d like us to be’

At last: In SOTU, Obama to tell us ‘who he’d like us to be’

[Ed. – Goodness, why didn’t he just do that before?  I’m sure we’d all have turned ourselves inside out years ago if he’d only spotted us a clue or two.]

President Obama will deliver his last State of the Union speech at a moment when the fear and anger in the American electorate seem to have caught even him by surprise.

His challenge as he takes the biggest stage in American politics Tuesday is whether his message can rise above the election-season vitriol.

Obama has promised a speech that, in his words, cuts through the “day-to-day noise of Washington” and celebrates America’s capacity “to come together as one American family.” Instead of a to-do list of policy proposals that have little chance of passing Congress, he has said he plans to deliver a speech that will describe “who we are” as a nation, or perhaps more accurately, who Obama in the last year of his presidency would like us to be.

The problem for the president in his seventh year in office is that the gulf between his vision of a unified America, one that he has trumpeted from his earliest days on the national scene, and the current political reality has never seemed wider.

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