A sure-fire antidote to Islamophobia: Fight back

A sure-fire antidote to Islamophobia: Fight back
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[Ed. – Isn’t that the ‘recipe’ CAIR already embraces?]

Of late, the bigots’ shouts have grown louder. Muslim-bashing in this country has reached a fever pitch. None of the hate I’ve seen over the past decades has prepared me for the vicious tenor of the past few months. Donald Trump’s proposal to register all Muslim Americans in a government database passes for debatable policy. Demonstrators with semiautomatic rifles surround mosques, ‘‘protesting’’ the very existence of Muslim Americans.


We can save our soul — whether we take that term to mean our character as a nation, or something more mystical — but we must do it together.

How? By not staying uncomfortably silent when one’s relatives or coworkers start carrying on about “the Muslims.’’ By asking a proprietor to change the channel when an in-store TV blares pundits preaching hate. By finding out what your kids are being taught about Muslims at school. By contributing to a rebuilding fund for a mosque struck by vandals.

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