The left should stop dismissing Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation against Bill Clinton

The left should stop dismissing Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation against Bill Clinton

So far, this issue has mostly been raised by conservative media and Republican politicians like Prudhomme-O’Brien. But it’s a substantive matter worthy of coverage from non-right-wing outlets as well. There really are multiple accusations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton, accusations that have too often been conflated with his much better-established and much less morally concerning history of adultery. Are the women making these accusations survivors who deserve to be believed, to borrow Hillary Clinton’s language? Or, as she later insisted, have their accusations all been found to be baseless?

The basic answer is that some of the claims appear more credible than others. There are three main accusers, of whom it seems by far the most credible — based on the publicly available evidence — is Broaddrick. Jones’s claim was aired for years and faced several major problems (including the fact that she claimed the president’s penis had a “distinguishing mark” that doctors and Monica Lewinsky said it did not have), and Willey repeatedly lied to federal investigators and changed her story dramatically between grand jury testimony and a deposition in the Jones case (among other issues).

But Broaddrick’s allegation, while hardly proven, has not been definitively refuted. Only Broaddrick and Bill Clinton know what the truth of the matter in the case is. But if one generally believes it’s important to believe the victim, it’s hard to argue that this case should be an exception.

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