Priorities: Germans deployed 143 cops to stop migrant rape-fest – 1,500 to control PEGIDA protest rally

Priorities: Germans deployed 143 cops to stop migrant rape-fest – 1,500 to control PEGIDA protest rally
(Image: Breitbart UK, Rachel Megawhat)

[Ed. – Just when you think the West’s leadership might finally be getting a clue, you see things like this and realize that there’s something almost inexplicable going on.  The Western peoples are waking up big-time, but it’s as if the leaders are in a sort of psycholeptic state from which they can’t be roused at all.]

COLOGNE, Germany: A peaceful protest turned violent in the blink of an eye today as German police turned water canon on the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) march against the rape of German girls by refugees.

The protest had been called at short notice in response to the growing public anger felt across Germany at the apparently premeditated and systematic sex assault of hundreds of girls as they parties on New Year’s Eve on Cologne and other German cities.

Despite taking place in multi-cultural west Germany, which has been the most enthusiastically accepting of Angela Merkel’s policies of mass migration and scorning of traditional values over 3,000 took part — a record for an anti-migration march in this part of the country. …

[A] small number of marchers – identified as football hooligans who had travelled to the demonstration from outside of Cologne – started to cause trouble after the speeches started and the march had begun. …

While many in the march found amusement in the extremely large number of police officers who had been deployed to the demonstration compared to the bare-bones 143 officers who were expected to keep the peace on New Year’s Eve, the speakers at the rally were entirely sympathetic towards the police.

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