2014 UVA gang-rape accuser now said to be unstable, ‘serial liar’ seeking attention from guy she had crush on

2014 UVA gang-rape accuser now said to be unstable, ‘serial liar’ seeking attention from guy she had crush on
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[Ed. – This was the discredited, retracted Rolling Stone story.  A court will have to sift through all this, but there’s a good possibility quite a few lives were upended by the utter fabrications of a very troubled young woman.]

The former University of Virginia student whose false claim about being gang-raped was published by Rolling Stone is a “serial liar” who– in addition to fabricating the rape story — made up a second identity and lied about having a terminal illness, all so that she could win the affections of a student she had a crush on, attorneys representing a dean at the school claimed in a recent lawsuit filing.

Jackie Coakley posed as her own suitor, a UVA student she called “Haven Monahan,” in an elaborate catfishing scheme aimed at getting her friend and classmate, Ryan Duffin, to like her, attorneys for UVA dean Nicole Eramo asserted in court papers filed this week, according to The Washington Post.

She also told Duffin that she had a terminal illness and was “dying.” But her biggest lies graced the pages of Rolling Stone in a Nov. 2014 article entitled “A Rape on Campus,” which was written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

Eramo filed a $7.5 million defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone and Erdely last year. Not only did Coakley lie about the gang-rape claim that is the center of Erdely’s 9,000-word piece, the reporter and the magazine failed to practice basic journalistic ethics by publishing the article, Eramo asserts.

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