Tel Aviv shooter found in northern Israel; draws on police and is killed

Tel Aviv shooter found in northern Israel; draws on police and is killed
Tel Aviv shooter Nashat Melhem. (Image: Video via Algemeiner)

Haaretz reported:

According to the police, officers from the Special Anti-Terror Unit closed in on the building Melhem was hiding in, when he stepped out and apparently tried to escape. Police said that Melhem raised his gun, of the same type used in the Tel Aviv shooting, and aimed at the officers. Officers opened fire, killing Melhem instantly.

No officers were wounded.

From Melhem’s appearance after he was shot down, police deduce that he had accomplices who supplied him with food and clothing. …


There are significant questions about Melhem’s attack, his motivation and whether he was a member of any organized terrorist organization, such as the Islamic State.

At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss the perpetrator as a deranged individual acting on his own but the known information points to more.

Melhem is known to the security establishment here. He was jailed for five years for a 2007 attack on an Israeli soldier in which he attempted to grab the soldier’s rifle after assaulting the victim with a screwdriver.

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