Study: Benghazi-themed attack ad hurts Hillary among young voters

Study: Benghazi-themed attack ad hurts Hillary among young voters

In order for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, she’ll likely need to foster and exploit a wide gender gap among women, and win Millennial voters by a large margin. Mitt Romney carried 37 percent of young voters in 2012, a number the next GOP nominee will seek to improve upon. A political research group called Evolving Strategies is out with new findings that may offer a partial roadmap to help achieve that goal. Their data suggests that the Benghazi massacre and its aftermath could be something of an Achilles Heel for Mrs. Clinton among the youngest cohort of voters. Here’s how the organization describes the methodology behind their latest project:

An attack ad centered on Benghazi…moves Millennial [voters]. And Millennials move despite the fact that they don’t care about terrorism nearly as much as their elders. Regardless of Hillary’s performance in the hearings, she hasn’t left Benghazi behind her. It makes you wonder what else could be even more damaging. Hillary is fragile with voters who should be her solid base — Millennials — on issues that should be her greatest strength — foreign affairs and her leadership as Secretary of State.

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