Benghazi victim’s father challenges Hillary to take lie detector test

Benghazi victim’s father challenges Hillary to take lie detector test

Hillary lied to the families about the Benghazi attack being about a video. Then she lied about what she said to them, claiming she never told them it was about a video. All the families who have commented publicly (that’s 4 different family members from three of the four families) have had their members say she said it was due to the video, including Charles Woods, the father of Ty Woods.

What reason would the families have to lie? Why then do they all remember she said the same thing and have said the same thing consistently since that time? Charles Woods, who is a judge, even took contemporaneous notes of what Hillary told him. Hillary’s story, meanwhile has changed more than the weather.

It is Charles Woods who is now challenging Hillary to take a lie detector test with him. I’m guessing Charles, whose story has been consistent from the beginning, will pass with flying colors.

Chances Hillary when will accept the challenge? Between now and the 12th of never.

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