Big Brother issues new, improved ‘dietary guidelines’

Big Brother issues new, improved ‘dietary guidelines’
Vegetarian food pyramid.

[Ed. – There is absolutely no scenario of legitimate governance in which “consumers, policymakers, the food industry and others need to work together to help Americans eat healthier diets.”  To the contrary, policymakers need to shut up, fold their tents, slink away to the desert where their self-appointed charter will die, and have every acre behind them sown with salt.]

For the first time, the guidelines recommend limiting added sugar to 10 percent or less of calories.

They also recommend that people eat more fruit, vegetables and whole wheat and point out most Americans do not eat a healthy diet, are overweight and risk getting heart disease and other illnesses as a result.

The guidelines suggest cutting salt and saturated fat but stop short of telling people to eat less red or processed meat despite the strong evidence that both can cause cancer. …

Despite heavy lobbying by the food industry, the guidelines — which set the standard for federal food programs such as school lunches and food stamps — also recommend that most people get 2,300 mg of salt a day or less. The average American gets 3,400 mg a day, Burwell said — and that can lead to high blood pressure. …

Most Americans get enough protein now, the report says, and males usually get more than they need. What people need more of are vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

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