The establishment needs to pick Rubio

The establishment needs to pick Rubio

Donald Trump has not faded. Worse for the Republican establishment,Ted Cruz is rising. The Field poll in California has Cruz now in the lead. With polling in Iowa and California showing Cruz has skyrocketed in a few months, it is only a matter of time before national polls reflect the trend.

Meanwhile, among the establishment’s favorite candidates, there is no consensus. Chris Christie is gaining so much in New Hampshire that the Rubio super PAC has begun attack ads against Christie. Christie, meanwhile, is beating up Jeb Bush and Rubio. Bush is attacking Rubio. In South Carolina, the Jeb Bush super PAC is running ads attacking Rubio’s voting record.

The establishment cannot make up its mind. Just as Rubio begins to soar, Christie grabs his coat tails. But Jeb Bush nips at Christie’s heels. Some donors are sitting on the sidelines. The campaigns cannot control the super PACs, who in turn are rendering muddied messages and attacks the candidates are having to take responsibility for or run from.

What goes often unreported is that the supposed best of the best of the Republican political consultants are running the Bush campaign, the Rubio campaign, and the Christie campaign. The veteran consultants working for those men and their super PACs are the consultants the Republican nominees always turn to. These consultants have beach houses and mountain houses and access to private planes; they have made so much money off Republican nominees. But they are getting their asses kicked by a veritable island of misfit toys.

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