Military special ops enroute to Oregon for possible raid

Military special ops enroute to Oregon for possible raid

I just got word that there have been verified sources that Ammon Bundy and those standing with him have heard from the federal agents and military special ops are enroute to the Malheur Wildlife Reserve and that one of the men in the midst of the patriots there is possibly an agent provocateur.


Apparently, the men were expecting to resolve the issue peacefully, as I previously reported, but there was no doubt in my mind that the tyrannical feds were not going to try and work things out. The same scenario is about to play out that played out at the Bundy Ranch, but it may go further, much further… as in Waco.

Rhodes claims the Bundy and Ryan Payne, who he suspects to be an agent provocateur, had lied to the local people in Burns.

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