ISIS kills Syrian teen for homosexuality … after commander raped him

ISIS kills Syrian teen for homosexuality … after commander raped him

ISIS reportedly killed a 15-year-old Syrian boy for homosexuality, but let his alleged rapist – an ISIS commander – live.

Abu Zaid al-Jazrawi was demoted and sent to Iraqi fighting fronts as punishment, ARA News reports.

Meanwhile, the teenage rape victim was thrown off the top of a building in front of a large crowd.

Homosexuality is a criminal offense according to ISIS’ radical interpretation of Islamic law, which many activists worldwide condemn.

“[ISIS] accuses people of being gay only on basis of some superficial information without any investigation,” civil rights activist Raed Ahmed previously told ARA News. “Although the Islamic law bans homosexuality, the brutal punishment by [ISIS] has never been witnessed throughout history.”

ISIS has killed at least 30 people for homosexuality, The Guardian reported in August 2015. To tackle this, the UN Security Council held its first discussion on ISIS attacks against the gay community that month.

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