‘Dead’ man comes alive at Mumbai hospital mortuary

‘Dead’ man comes alive at Mumbai hospital mortuary

Authorities at a Mumbai hospital were stunned to discover that a 50-year-old homeless man wheeled into the mortuary after being declared dead was still alive.

Officials at the hospital in Sion area have ordered a probe into the incident that occurred on Sunday afternoon.

Suleman Merchant, dean of the hospital, said, “The patient was on a stretcher and his face and ear was infested with maggots, usually seen in decomposed bodies. He was apparently picked up from a bus stop at Sion.”

He added: “His pulse and heartbeat were absent. The patient also had fixed dilated pupils, a condition common in patients who are close to death. This could have led the doctor to believe that the patient was dead.”

The man, identified only as Prakash, was brought to the hospital by policemen who insisted he was dead. He was sent to the mortuary for an autopsy. An attendant at the mortuary realised the man was alive after he detected some movement.

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