How dare LeBron James not be aware of, outraged by Tamir Rice case

How dare LeBron James not be aware of, outraged by Tamir Rice case

In the 1960s, Malcolm X was regularly frustrated when people expected black athletes and entertainers to be effective spokesmen on civil rights issues. Back then, and now, it often leads to a whole lot of disappointment. Once in a blue moon the earth gives us a Harry Belafonte or Muhammad Ali, but they are the ultra rare exceptions to the rule.

LeBron James is one of my favorite athletes. The dude has a work ethic on and off the court that is unmatched. His character as a husband and father are unquestioned and he appears to be an incredibly altruistic and generous man. Sadly, with his recent comments on the death of Tamir Rice and the lack of charges for the officers who killed him, LeBron James has proven that he is not an exception to the rule.

As a fan, I am sincerely surprised and highly disappointed in what LeBron said (and didn’t say) about the case.

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