Trump vs. Clinton: Careful what you wish for, Dems

Trump vs. Clinton: Careful what you wish for, Dems

Donald Trump may seem like the ideal Republican to run against. As a presidential candidate, much of what he says is crude, ill-informed, or deceptive — and often racist and sexist. In a general election campaign, his remarks would be offensive not only to women, Muslims, and assorted minority voters, but to anyone who puts thoughtful debate ahead of juvenile name-calling.

Yet some Trump declarations do ring true. For example: As Trump suggests, Hillary Clinton does have a Bill Clinton problem.

On one hand, that’s old news. The good, bad, and ugly sides of the former president have long been part of the Clinton political equation. The new element is the willingness of the apparent Republican front-runner to call the presumed Democratic front-runner out on it, in the same way he mocks Jeb Bush for a “low energy” problem or Marco Rubio for a perspiration problem.

Trump attacks as aggressively as possible, especially when he’s called out for his own transgressions, such as his overt sexism.

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