NRA working on ‘total recognition’ legislation to fix Virginia’s concealed carry mess

NRA working on ‘total recognition’ legislation to fix Virginia’s concealed carry mess
Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe

Given that the National Rifle Association’s headquarters is located in Virginia, it was to be expected that the nation’s oldest civil rights organization wasn’t just going to sit around while Attorney General Mark Herring decided to set fire the Constitution on fire. As Katie wrote last week, the AG decided to unilaterally gut concealed carry reciprocity agreements with two dozen states. The AG probably hoped that the timing of the announcement–three days before Christmas–would allow this to slip under the radar. Nope. Second Amendment supporters are ever vigilant–and we vote. The NRA was quick to slam the decision, with Executive Director Chris Cox saying that this unilateral action is dangerous and puts people’s lives at risk.

As we enter the New Year, the NRA announced that they were working on “total recognition” legislation that would require Virginia to recognize valid concealed carry permits from every other state. Additionally, the legislation would “further require the attorney general to enter into a reciprocity agreement with any state that requires an agreement in order to recognize Virginia concealed handgun permits.” It remedies the fiasco the AG office has reaped upon the Commonwealth, and does so democratically.

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