Florida Muslim leader praises Hamas, taunts Jews, calls them descendants of ‘monkeys and pigs’

Florida Muslim leader praises Hamas, taunts Jews, calls them descendants of ‘monkeys and pigs’
Peace-meister Sofian Zakkout. (Image via delphiforums.com)

[Ed. – No doubt because of Islamophobia.]

When South Florida Muslim leader Sofian Zakkout wants people to believe he is a man of peace, he speaks or writes it in English. But when Zakkout wants to show his true colors and curse Jews or call for violence against people, he does so in Arabic. This month, Zakkout’s real self came out once again, as he labeled Jews the “grandsons of monkeys and pigs,” while commemorating the 28th anniversary of Hamas.

Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout is the Director of the American Muslim Association of North America or AMANA. While the organization may not be very well known outside of South Florida, AMANA is a major player for the Muslim community in the local area. In fact, Zakkout and his group have firm ties to two dozen mosques in the vicinity. …

On December 13th, Zakkout posted a video on Facebook… He wrote in Arabic, “Jews, Muhammad’s army will return” and signed it “Sofian.”

In his quote, Zakkout is referencing a violent anti-Jewish chant made by followers of Hamas and Hezbollah about the Saudi city of Khaybar, where Muhammad’s disciples attacked and enslaved the city’s Jewish inhabitants in the year 629. The chant is “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahoud, jaish Muhammad saufa yaoud.” Translated: “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, Muhammad’s army will return.”

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