Afghanistan: No justice for woman falsely accused of burning Quran, ripped apart by mob

Afghanistan: No justice for woman falsely accused of burning Quran, ripped apart by mob

“At first, the trial and convictions that followed seemed a victory in the long struggle to give Afghan women their due in a court of law. But a deeper look suggests otherwise. The fortuneteller [Farkhunda Malikzada] who several investigators believe set the events in motion was found not guilty on appeal,” notes the Times. “The shrine’s custodian, who concocted the false charge of Quran burning and incited the mob, had his death sentence commuted.”

“Police officers who failed to send help and others who stood by received slaps on the wrist, at most. Some attackers identifiable in the videos avoided capture altogether. Afghan lawyers and human rights advocates agree that most of the accused did not receive fair trials,” it adds. “Farkhunda’s family, fearing reprisals and worried that the killers would not be held accountable, fled the country.” …

Farkhunda was killed in March as she tried to escape the mob of men that wanted to kill her. Two Afghan police officers tried to help her by pulling her onto the roof of a low shed, away from the angry mob.

“But then the enraged men below her picked up poles and planks of wood, and hit at her until she lost her grip and tumbled down,” reported the Times. “Her face bloodied, she struggled to stand. Holding her hands to her hair, she looked horrified to find that her attackers had yanked off her black hijab as she fell. The mob closed in, kicking and jumping on her slight frame.” …

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Her attackers, which reportedly included worshippers, shouted, “The Americans sent her… Beat her… Long live Islam!”

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