Officials: Turkey to have military base in Qatar

Officials: Turkey to have military base in Qatar

[Ed. – There was an earlier preview of this in June, when Turkey’s parliament ratified a military cooperation agreement with Qatar.  The specifics reported by regional media this month appear to indicate that it’s actually going to happen.  As the vice president would say, it’s a big effing deal.]

Turkey will build a military base in Qatar, its staunchest regional ally, officials said.

The move comes a year after the two countries signed a military cooperation agreement. The treaty was ratified by the Turkish parliament in June.

Turkish diplomats dealing with security matters said that the military base in Qatar will help the two countries to counter common security threats and enemies. …

The diplomats said that about 3,000 Turkish troops would be stationed at the base in Qatar. The troops will be supported by aerial and naval assets and their operations would be augmented by special forces units.

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