What next? Dems want to name $100 million Trump gift after a communist

What next? Dems want to name $100 million Trump gift after a communist

Fox News reported that two Democratic state representatives in New York are demanding that land donated by Donald Trump for a park in Westchester must have his name removed.

Trump gave this land – for free – so the government could build a state park after a deal for a golf course fell through. Not only has the government not followed through -they’ve allowed the park to languish. Now the incompetents who can’t even make use of $100 million dollars worth of land want to return Trump’s favor by removing his name.

They want to instead name it after the hard-to-find Muslim Revolutionary soldier though they did find one – Peter Salem from Massachusetts who fought in battles in New York state. There is no proof that Salem was a Muslim – no documentation supports that claim. The other suggestion is a communist. They are suggesting folk singer and communist activist Pete Seeger.

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