Woman stockpiles own urine, dumps it on neighbor’s home

Woman stockpiles own urine, dumps it on neighbor’s home

A 69-year-old woman stockpiled her urine in a bucket for months because she wanted to dump it on the home of a neighbour whom she disliked.

According to a report in The Smoking Gun, an Indiana woman Jackie VanTyle has been charged by police criminally for the alleged urine attack.

The victim Joseph Basler approached police to report suspicions that VanTyle had been dumping urine on his home.

“A very strong odour of urine hit me upon arriving at the Basler’s residence,” a patrolman said.

When confronted by police, VanTyle initially denied the act but later she admitted that, for several months, she had been urinating in a blue bucket.

“When Basler would leave his house, I would toss the waste on his home,” Jackie VanTyle said.

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