The seven deadly stupidities of 2015 political coverage

The seven deadly stupidities of 2015 political coverage

Ruh-roh, Raggy – Did you cringe when you saw the pack of reporters chase Hillary Clinton’s “Scooby” van? Did you wince when her stop at a fast food restaurant for burrito bowl was news? Did your mouth drop when her campaign got a do-over on the botched announcement? Then you, like many, were not prepared for the way in which celebrity-style coverage had subsumed political coverage in the Obama era. Clinton’s fame, fortune, fancy friends and family proved irresistible for reporters, even when there was no shortage of real news about her and her candidacy to report. Speaking of which…

Trump towers – In the days after his call for Muslims to be banned from entering the United States, Clinton’s Republican counterpart got an average of 25 times more media mentions than all of his primary challengers combined. News outlets aren’t obliged to give equal coverage to candidates regardless of their viability, but the degree to which Trump’s celebrity has shaped coverage of the 2016 race will go down as a particularly rank irresponsibility. Trump trolls the press then the press trolls its readers and viewers. And when the trumptation is over, we are left with little more than, at best, a deeper understanding of Yiddish idiom.

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