India: Monkey starts bus, sets it in motion, crashes

India: Monkey starts bus, sets it in motion, crashes
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[Ed. – Another thing a robot can do better than a monkey.  For some reason, this makes me think of Steve McQueen.]

The monkey managed to start the engine of the bus while the driver was taking a nap – and even got it moving.

The bus hit two other vehicles parked in the garage in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh state, before the driver was able to regain control. …

The driver, seizing an opportunity for a nap, and stretched out in the back, leaving the keys in the ignition.

As the driver dozed off, one of Bareilly’s many street-monkeys climbed in and got behind the wheel.

Somehow, the simian managed to turn the key and start the engine, Times of India reports.

This woke the driver, who rushed to the front, but when he shoo-ed the monkey out of the way, the animal accidentally put the bus in second gear.

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