Hamas leader: Terrorists who stab Jews the ‘noblest of people’

Hamas leader: Terrorists who stab Jews the ‘noblest of people’

Khaled Mash’al: The Palestinians have reached the realization that negotiations with the [Israelis] are useless. The so-called peace process is futile. There is no peace. Only the path of Jihad, sacrifice, and blood [will bear fruit]. Our rights will not be restored through the U.N. Security Council, but by means of recruitment. 2,000 verbal “rockets” do not compare to a single rocket made of iron.

The children and youth of the West Bank have absorbed the message: Weapons like Kalashnikovs or missiles are not at hand, but there are knives and cars with which to run over the enemies. By God, after the knives used by the people of the West Bank and Jerusalem – can anyone possibly have an excuse to abandon the path of Jihad? Nobody can have such an excuse. Our Lord says: “Allah does not impose upon anyone a duty but to the extent of his ability.” He also said: “Prepare for them what you can.” Therefore, the young man who puts his life on the line and the heroic sister, with nothing but a knife at hand, are justified, and Allah accepts them. This is up to Allah, bufnbt He accepts their Jihad and their martyrdom. By God, they are the most exalted and the noblest of people.

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