In defense of Donald Trump

In defense of Donald Trump

As Donald Trump tweeted when he posted my National Review piece, we are friends, and I know him to be a generous, honourable and decent man, and a loyal friend (he volunteered to testify on my behalf in my trial in Chicago in 2007, when he certainly had other things to do. He distinguished himself in a difficult time for me far beyond many exalted “friends” and worthies in this country.) He is a very successful developer of highest quality buildings and has been a successful television personality. His attraction to voters is not based on appeals to violence, or incitements to racial or sectarian hate and he does not espouse an illiberal society or American aggression in the world, or any undemocratic alterations of the American political system. Cohen imagines that German hyper-inflation came at the end and not the beginning of the Weimar Republic, and equates the negative consequences of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with the German defeat in the First World War, in which all responsibility for that war was pinned on Germany and it lost a lot of territory, all its overseas empire, and took seven million casualties. “Afghanistan and Iraq have been the graveyards of glory,” and (Hitler) “was an outsider given to theatrics and pageantry. He seduced the nation of Beethoven. He took the world down with him.” (Beethoven was a German and Hitler was an Austrian but this is beside the point.) The attempted comparisons are a travesty and an outrage.

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