‘Baking’ and ‘yoga’: Two of the excuses that get terrorist thugs out of Gitmo

‘Baking’ and ‘yoga’: Two of the excuses that get terrorist thugs out of Gitmo

[Ed. – Also, the dog ate his homework.]

It doesn’t take much to get released from Guantanamo these days. Just argue you’re a family man who likes baking. And look, you’ll even touch a woman!

In President Obama’s rush to clear out the military prison, any excuse — no matter how flimsy — is reason enough to parole.

Take Ibrahim al-Qosi. He was a member of Osama bin Laden’s “protection detail” and a “very high-ranking al Qaeda member,” who admitted knowing about the 9/11 plot and fighting against US forces in ­Afghanistan after the attacks.

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“Detainee received basic training at the al-Faruq training camp, and as a UBL [bin Laden] bodyguard, likely received advanced or specialized training,” his intel file states, noting his experience firing rocket-propelled grenades and mortars.

In 2007, the Administrative Review Board set up by the Bush administration agreed that he was “high-risk” and said “continued detention is necessary.”

That all changed in 2012, after Obama intensified efforts to clear out Gitmo.

Suddenly, the administration was buying his defense team’s ­argument that al-Qosi was merely a cook who originally met bin Laden at a camp where they went “for recreation and horseback riding…”.

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