When this Vietnam vet died, he had no family to bury him – but check out what happened the day of his funeral

A few days before Thanksgiving this year, James Beavers, a staff sergeant with the US Army during Vietnam, died at the age of 74. However, after searching for family members of Sgt. Beavers for three weeks, no one was able to locate any. However, it was what followed, in both the burial and those in attendance that was simply stunning!

Following Beavers’ death, D. O. McComb and Sons, a local funeral home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, decided to step up and provide not only funeral services for Beavers, but also burial, with full military honors. Somehow, the news of Beavers’ passing made its way across social media and literally thousands of people showed up at the funeral home to pay their respects to Mr. Beavers, with only a handful of people actually ever meeting him.

Though most of the people never met him, many of those who came to pay their respects were veterans or military family members, something that WANE.com reports is “no match for the bond the military brings.”

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