6 takeaways from the NH Democratic debate

6 takeaways from the NH Democratic debate

Voter database? What voter database?

On the eve of Saturday’s debate, the Democratic race was, albeit briefly, roiled by news that Sanders’ campaign staffers had accessed the Clinton campaign’s voter data. The revelation led to a firing, a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee by Sanders and the DNC suspending, then restoring, the Vermont senator’s access to the party’s voter database.

The uproar led to some of the sharpest exchanges of the campaign, so would it dominate the debate Saturday night?

In a word, no….

Clinton more focused on Trump than anyone

During the early days of the Donald Trump campaign, the Democratic front-runner seemed amused by the billionaire’s White House bid. Now? Clinton clearly sees him as an ideal foil as she increasingly looks past the primaries to November.

She blasted his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling him “ISIL’s best recruiter.” She claimed ISIS is “showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadist.”

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