Dating apps blamed for spike in syphilis

Dating apps blamed for spike in syphilis

Health officials are urging people to get themselves a gift this Christmas, in the form of a sexual health check.

The advice follows the release of a report on sexually transmitted infections, which shows a large spike reported by New Zealand sexual health clinics in the last year.

It is believed the blame may lie, at least in part, with dating apps leading to more unprotected sex.

In 2013, New Zealand sexual health clinics reported 82 cases of syphilis, and in 2014 it had skyrocketed to 140.

The highest number of cases were centred in Auckland with 85 while Canterbury recorded 27.

Canterbury medical officer of health Ramon Pink partly attributed the increase to “dating apps leading to a rise in unprotected sexual encounters”.

“There was a big spike in Canterbury a few years ago with the number reported cases increasing from eight in 2010 to 29 in 2012. Since then the number of cases had “remained stable,” he said.

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