GOP debate on CNN: The good, the bad, and the hyperbolic

GOP debate on CNN: The good, the bad, and the hyperbolic

Tuesday evening’s GOP debate on CNN was arguably the most substantive and most combative GOP contest of this election season. There were sparks flying everywhere though in the end very little changed.

This was the first time the GOP hopefuls shared a stage since the terrorist massacres  in Paris and San Bernardino, which made the contest particularly relevant. For the most part the arguments focused on the differences between their positions and demonstrated the isolationist vs. interventionist ideological divide in the GOP. But the debate could have been more worthwhile if there were fewer participants.

In the end there were no big winners or losers in the debate (except for the viewers) and I suspect that when the polls come out, most candidates relative positions in the race will be the same.  Below is a look at each of the candidate’s performances (in alphabetical order):

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