NYC about to ‘accidentally’ ban a lot of makeup products?

NYC about to ‘accidentally’ ban a lot of makeup products?
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An effort to ban water-clogging microbeads might inadvertently make many kinds of makeup illegal in New York City.

The city council is working on a proposal to ban cosmetics containing microbeads — minuscule plastic dots that have become a common additive in soaps, facial washes and other skin cleansers because of their exfoliating power.

All those tiny plastic beads have become a problem because they are easily ingested by fish and not so easily filtered out by water treatment systems. …

In New York, though, the industry is worried the proposed ban could have unintended consequences.

According to the New York Post, “in the wording of the council bill, a ‘microbead’ is defined as “any manufactured particle of plastic that measures five millimeters or less in size and is added to a personal care product.”

That definition could include a number of other materials, like plastic polymers, that are found in everything from mascara to lipstick.

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