Inevitable: Feds to require drones to be registered

Inevitable: Feds to require drones to be registered
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All unmanned aircraft more than about a half-pound in weight will now need to be registered with the federal government, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced Monday as officials belatedly move to try to bring accountability to the burgeoning number of drones in the skies.

The government will issue registration numbers for each drone, which must be clearly marked so the government can trace who is responsible for any significantly sized aircraft in the sky, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Registration can be done online, and everyone flying a drone will be required to keep proof that they’ve complied with them whenever they’re using it. Those who bought their drones before will have to back-register them. …

Toy balloons, Frisbees and paper airplanes are exempt, even if they do weigh enough to qualify, because they aren’t connected to operator controls, the agency said.

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