Report: 66% of Tesla drivetrains need replacing by 60,000 miles

Report: 66% of Tesla drivetrains need replacing by 60,000 miles
Tesla's flagship Harris Ranch CA station. (Image via WUWT)

[Ed. – That would seem to exceed the larger industry average by, well, quite a bit.]

A new study warns that two thirds of Tesla Model S cars will need to have their entire drivetrains replaced before they reach 60,000 miles.

Breitbart News reported in October, with Tesla’s stock plunging by -10 percent, that Consumer Reports had pulled its “best car ever” rating from Tesla’s Model S. Having received 1,400 responses from owners over the following month, who complained about a litany of squeaks, rattles, and multiple electric motor replacements, Consumer Reports (CRpulled Tesla’s perfect 100-point score and revised the score for the new $127,820 Model S to a “worse than average” 43. …

Breitbart News had already been reporting that Tesla’s unsustainable drivetrain had been known to insiders and owners for a long time.

Those fears seem to have been confirmed with the release of a Plug-In America study that out of 327 Model S cars analyzed, as many as two-thirds have had their drivetrains replaced before the car mileage hit 60,000, according to Green Car Reports.

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